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Iraqi Private Banking Association Holds ‘Taler Skills Development’ Course

On Tuesday, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks held a training program under the title “Development of Taler Skills” at the headquarters of the Association, with the participation of 30 trainees from the Central Bank and private banks operating in the country.

The director of administration and training in the Association of Iraqi private banks, Ahmed Hashemi, during the launch of the session, which was attended by “Economy News”, “The purpose of the training program to provide participants skills” Taler employees “and are preparing for this job by banks in various aspects of technical and security, Enhance their efficiency and productivity and ensure the risk reduction associated with this job as much as possible, “adding that” the session lasts for three days. ”

Hashemi added that the course is divided into four axes, the first is dealing with criticism and the second in the form of forgery, counterfeiting and bank fraud and the third in excellence in customer service and quality of service and the latest in the technical aspects of the function of Teller in banks. Source