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The Association of Private Banks concludes the “stress tests” course for 51 trainees

The Association of Iraqi private banks concluded with the Center for Studies and Training in the Central Bank of Iraq, Thursday, a course “stress tests” for a number of employees of private banks and government, in order to increase the efficiency of staff and teaching methods of stress tests.

The five-day course at the association’s headquarters in Baghdad aims to provide participants with the required knowledge about the nature and importance of scenario analysis and stress testing in banks and both types, in addition to providing them with principles, fundamentals, requirements and relationship, and how the overall prudential indicators can affect economic capital.

The director of management and training in the Association of Iraqi private banks Ahmed Hashemi during the closing ceremony of the session, “The Association is keen to train and develop the skills of human resources working in banks through the establishment of such courses,” pointing out that “the Association is always keen to create all the appropriate conditions of In order to benefit trainees as much as possible. ”

At the end of the ceremony, the graduation certificates were distributed to the trainees, and to the lecturers and a number of guests attending the closing ceremony.

The course was attended by 51 trainees working in private and government banks under the training of Jordanian professor Osama Al-Fandi, who holds a doctorate in business economics.

The training program also included methods of stress testing, types and how to apply them in banking, which will give the trainees a good background with the implementation of the endurance test in the bank profile in credit risk, market and operational risks. Source