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World Bank: The conflict in Syria has led to a 1.2% decline in growth in the Iraqi economy

The World Bank confirmed that the conflict in Syria has resulted in a 1.2% drop in growth in Iraq over the past ten years.

The World Bank said in a report entitled “The Repercussions of War: The Regional Implications of the Conflict in Syria” and was read by “The Economy News”, that “ten years of conflict in Syria have caused economic and social repercussions and effects at the region level in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon,” adding “they included The repercussions of the Syrian conflict on the Arab Mashreq countries, an increase in poverty rates and debt burdens, the deterioration of labor markets, especially for youth and women, and increased restrictions on access to public services such as health care and electricity supply.

The World Bank noted that the conflict in Syria alone was responsible for annual declines in economic growth of 1.2 percentage points in Iraq, 1.6 points in Jordan, and 1.7 points in Lebanon during the past ten years.

He stressed that the conflict also led to a rise in poverty rates by 6 percentage points in Iraq, 3.9 points in Jordan and 7.1 points in Lebanon, and at the same. Source