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The Association of Banks holds a workshop on the role of the banking sector in activating tourism investment programs

The Iraqi Private Banks Association, in cooperation with the Tourism Authority in the Kurdistan Region, held a workshop entitled (The role of the banking sector in activating tourism investment programs). The Central Bank of Iraq, Walid Idi, and the representative of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers – head of the technical team for the financing project of central bank loans, Shamil Abdul-Bari, and a number of authorized directors of Iraqi private banks, investors and company owners in the tourism sector.

 The head of the Association of Private Banks, Wadih Al-Handal, spoke about the importance of encouraging tourism investment, which helps push the wheel of the Iraqi economy to get rid of the reality of fragility.

 The head of the Iraqi Private Banking Association affirmed his full support for the development of the tourism sector in Iraq, pointing to the importance of investing in domestic tourism and marketing the Iraqi provinces.

He also stressed that this sector absorbs the largest number of jobs and reduces unemployment.

Mawlawi Jabbar gave his opening speech in which he talked about the plans to develop the tourism reality in Kurdistan and the opportunity for Iraq to attract tourists, foreigners and Arabs, because Kurdistan possesses the picturesque nature and security stability. Source