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Parliamentary Finance: The budget will be ready for voting next Monday

The Parliamentary Finance Committee clarified, on Friday, that all the difficulties that went through auditing the country’s general budget, except for the share of Kurdistan, have been overcome, pointing out that next Monday’s session in which the budget will be ready for voting, especially after a meeting that will be held tomorrow between the leaders of the political blocs and the committee.

“The budget is currently in its recent negotiations, and most of the financial allocations have been agreed upon, except for the share of the Kurdistan region,” said a member of the committee, Representative Jamal Cougar, in a press.

He added, “The next meetings of the committee will discuss non-oil revenues such as collection and income taxes such as mobile phone taxes and others.”

Cougar stressed, “Next Monday’s session will be the budget ready to vote pending the completion of the meeting of leaders of political blocs with the Finance Committee in order to agree to pass it and determine the proportion of the Kurdistan region in it. Source