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The Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks hold a workshop on “digital transformation and its impact on the Iraqi business environment”

The Central Bank, in cooperation with the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, organized a workshop entitled “Global Digital Transformation and its Impact on the Business Environment in Iraq”. In cooperation with the Federation of Iraqi Businessmen, Al-Anbar branch.

The workshop was held in the meeting and conference hall in Al Rayyan Tourist Complex in Al Ramadi Corniche.

The workshop aims to support the youth category in the governorate, as they were provided with 200 free licenses from the Coursera program to develop their skills and push them into the labor market.

This is in line with the Central Bank’s supportive vision for the youth category, especially as it constitutes the largest segment of Iraqi society.

It is noteworthy that the Central Bank of Iraq launched more than one initiative that contributed to creating many job opportunities for the youth category and contributed to supporting many small and medium enterprises.

The consultant at the Association of Private Banks, Sherawan Anwar Mustafa, gave a presentation on the “Global Digital Transformation Program and its Impact on the Development of the Business Environment in Iraq”.

He added in his speech during the workshop, which was attended by “Economy News”, that “the Association of Private Banks continues its cooperation with the Central Bank through this workshop in support of the community category.”

He stressed that “what the cities liberated from ISIS have been subjected to requires us all to focus on the youth category, as they are the leaders of tomorrow and the best people to live in the destroyed cities.”

Mustafa is clear that “the concerned authorities decided to allocate 200 free scholarships from Coursera grants in various fields to develop youth skills.”

He pointed out that “the presence of future workshops that support the youth and women category in all Iraqi governorates, and this is part of a joint vision between the Association of Iraqi Private Banks and the Central Bank of Iraq.”