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Baghdad exhibition closes with International Participation

Concluded on the land of the Baghdad International Fair events today 42 session, which started on the first of this month under the banner of hope for change in Iraq, prosperity and lasting stability.

Participated 23 countries, most notably Russia, the Netherlands, Brazil and Japan, Romania, Italy, France, Iran, Ukraine, Sudan, Pakistan, Turkey, Germany, Tunisia, Palestine and India, Jordan, Serbia, Slovakia, Andenossia, Egypt, Lebanon and more than 600 Arab and international and local companies as well as to the Iraqi ministries, including electricity, oil, industry, labor and social affairs, water resources, justice and agriculture Shiite Aloagafin Sunni and bodies and the Municipality of Baghdad province.

This organized exhibitions company closing ceremony in the presence of the representative of the Minister of Trade Undersecretary older Walid Habib al-Moussawi, and representatives of the participating companies and a number of personalities honored during which the wings outstanding of countries and companies, ministries, shields and certificates of appreciation according to standards set by the Evaluation Committee set up by the company in terms of space and continuity of participation and organization and decorative addition to honoring all participants from companies and countries, as well as a certificate of appreciation honoring some of the security services and the media that covered the exhibition during the past ten days.

The agent said the ministry in his speech at the closing ceremony that “the forty-second exhibition cycle marked by a special character in terms of posts and international vast held on time her despite autoimmune conditions and objectivity through which Iraq plus it was complementary to the victories achieved by the security forces and the popular mobilization against enemies Iraq and humanity.”

He added that “this session success silenced all the mouths that bet not to set up a proved that Baghdad is safe and steadfast,” adding that “the ministry’s plan is to create an integrated Mardah City from all the services equivalent to Almardah cities in the world” and thanked “all participants in the exhibition chock bodies of devices Security and the Ministry of Electricity and the Municipality of Baghdad for their contribution to the success of this session. ”

For his part, Director General of exhibitions and trade services in the Ministry of Commerce Jassim al-Amiri said countries sought through its participation and presence and visit companies in this session to search for partnerships and contracts for investment and trade with the public and private sectors that will promote the economic reality and the various fields and services, including industrial and technological and infrastructure, health, agriculture as well as the experience of visiting Iraqi energies.”

He pointed out that “During the exhibition events for some of the participating countries than the celebration of the National Day of the countries Russia, Germany and Andenossia, Japan, the Netherlands and Ukraine as well as other seminars, conferences and meetings of the ministries and bodies events as well as a review of some of the countries included private Falaklorha”.

He explained, “The show saw the reaction Jmahera through the continued presence despite the climatic conditions where there were wings allocated for direct sales of its products for the acclaimed Iraqi citizen.”

The exhibition began its effectiveness in the first of November this as it saw a high turnout and was an opportunity for participating companies to achieve profit through direct sales and investment with the private and public sectors in addition to that the exhibition was a message from the participating countries for their desire to build bridges of cooperation with Alarac.anthy