In Elmer 

1.  Iraq owes the World $70 Billion in War Debt

2.  The World is getting impatient with Abadi not clearing out DAASH so the business can come in and make the world $70 billion/year

3.  Abadi needs to clear out DAASH and celebrate it on June 10 (Saturday) only 3 years after Baghdadi declared the Caliphate from the Al Nuri Mosque in Mosul.

4.  Abadi Needs to do this on Saturday to make the BIGGEST Statement pre-election

5.  On June 30th Iraq pays all salaries and retiree stipends thru a new electronic system for the first time

6.  This could also be when IMF allowed Abadi to have until to RV

7.  Newsflash: Jordan CBI now demands IRaq repays a debt of $1.08B.

What do a think peeps?

Been studying?

Me has.