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I believe that Abadi has sold his program to the Parliament and that program is the CBI plan to raise the value of the dinar. This means that for the first time we have all of the major players on the same page, irrespective of Maliki’s attempt to meddle in the process.  I see forces moving that cannot be stopped easily.

Furthermore, if you recall, it was the IMF who insisted that the Investment Law be passed before the end of October, and it was, barely. It was also the IMF that stated unequivocally that Iraq would “enter the world market” in early 2016.

Therefore, I believe it is reasonable to conclude that, ultimately, this movement is being driven by the IMF and that they, along with the CBI, who are in the same pea pod as the IMF, have sold Abadi on the entire plan.

Now we know that Abadi has sold his “reforms” to Parliament. In short, the ball is moving and I believe it will move quickly. Saleh has already been on record that the beginning of a year is the proper time to make this sort of major advance (the float). To conclude, these reasons bolster my view that we will see the float in early 2016.