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This ties in with the other recent article that stated that the CBI was going to go “on the attack” with respect to getting the dinar value raised.

Now this article is saying that Abadi is behind the plan all the way.  I won’t be surprised to see the dinar released to a float prior to the end of this year or early in the next.

Abadi Adviser To Retreat From The New Salary Scale

Under section: economic Dated: November 3, 2015  BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq Advisory Group recommended to the prime minister of reneging on new salary scale in order to avoid further congestion in Alstreet.khv that a senior government source said:

The recommendations stated on several alternatives to make up for the deficit in the financial budget instead of the new peace, most notably float currency for the high price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar,

“noting that” the decline of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate will allow the government an important part of the dollar in the treasury, especially since the proposed scheme provides for the possibility of a strong dollar because of the float to more than 1,500 dinars, instead of (1180) dinars to the dollar.

“He added that” this measure is expected to provide the Treasury about 3 trillion dinars per year, which makes up what has been reliable of financial abundance because of reduced allocations several ministries, which sparked protests and popular discontent overwhelming ”

.sv also the source for the “Undo advisers Abadi for him the new salary, after he had recommended issuing lingered apply, or undo it once and for all, as opposed to float the currency,”

.otaoam currency is a system of “free exchange rate”, ie the central bank to determine the dollar exchange rate in accordance with the directions demand and supply, ie, if demand for the dollar in the foreign exchange market has increased (dollar market), the dollar exchange rate tends to rise,

and if the demand for the dollar has fallen, the dismissal rate tends toward Alankhvad.oumany so that the dollar exchange rate will be subject to waves of demand and supply them, so it was on this system to float the currency “Floating”, leaving any floating currency value rise and fall with demand and supply waves.  LINK

Enorrste:  I believe that Abadi has sold his program to the Parliament and that program is the CBI plan to raise the value of the dinar.

This means that for the first time we have all of the major players on the same page, irrespective of Maliki’s attempt to meddle in the process. I see forces moving that cannot be stopped easily.

Furthermore, if you recall, it was the IMF who insisted that the Investment Law be passed before the end of October, and it was, barely. It was also the IMF that stated unequivocally that Iraq would “enter the world market” in early 2016.

Therefore, I believe it is reasonable to conclude that, ultimately, this movement is being driven by the IMF and that they, along with the CBI, who are in the same pea pod as the IMF, have sold Abadi on the entire plan.

Now we know that Abadi has sold his “reforms” to Parliament. In short, the ball is moving and I believe it will move quickly.

Saleh has already been on record that the beginning of a year is the proper time to make this sort of major advance (the float).

​To conclude, these reasons bolster my view that we will see the float in early 2016. Feel free to post this if you wish.   Enorrste