Mike …according to Keywords the “reserves” are $47 to $49 billion while you say they are $40 billion.

That’s a big difference.

Also, Keywords says this…: “the amount of foreign currency reserves in the bank exceeds the amount of local currency in Iraqi dinars.”

Therefore, the money supply must be less than $47 to $49 billion, if Keywords is correct.

He is quite specific in the quote above.

The Gross Foreign Assets number I quoted is directly on the CBI website under Statistics then under Key Financial Indicators.

This is an Excel spreadsheet…

The numbers are on line 48 and 49 under Net Foreign Assets and Gross Foreign Assets.

Belittling Saleh is a straw man argument.

Neither he nor anyone on this forum claims that the dinar NOW is a world reserve currency.

Therefore, putting that statement in his mouth and then knocking it down is moot, since he has never stated it.