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Opening Borders for Trade and Current Market Rate

Council announced Maysan province, on Saturday, the federal government agreed to his request to open a new border port with Iran, and revealed that the local government has decided to open that port in an area across the western Iranian province of Ilam.

As he emphasized that the port will reduce the momentum of the passengers on the graying port during religious occasions and will represent an important economic gateway.

He said provincial council member of the Misan Ali Hassan Karam Ghanimi, that «the Council formed by more than two months of a committee to examine the pros open a new border port with Iran in order to achieve economic benefit to maintain and increase financial returns were to apply to the central government to open that port.

He went on to say, that «the federal government agreed to open this port was obtained administrative adapters».

He added Ghanimi, that «the Council decided to open the port in an area on the west across the Iranian Ilam Province».

Pointing out that «the Council in the process of determining the place and the port which will connect the Republic of Iran in Maysan province across the border province of Ilam.»

The Ghanimi, that «the port will contribute to the entry of goods and commodities and food trade, materials and reduce the momentum of travelers at the border port of gray hair during religious events and others will represent important economic gateway in the south».

He pointed out that «the construction of the port will be in accordance with international designs border ports».

Pointing out that «ports management will be of the right of local governments in the event of the completion of the transfer of ministerial powers.

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