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Parliamentary finance reveals a move to install all contracts

The parliamentary finance committee revealed on Sunday that there is a move within the House of Representatives to pressure the government in order to provide funds within the budget to install all contract employees in all governorates.

“The Finance Committee has called on the government to install contracts in all ministries and governorates,” said a member of the Committee Haneen al-Qaddo said that “the Finance Committee is waiting for the government’s response to the confirmation of the request that was submitted on the amendment of the budget and the installation of contracts to the permanent owners” .

“The owners of contracts and if the government agreed to install them, their allocations will be within the budget of their ministries.”

He pointed out that “many requests were submitted to the government in order to install contracts on permanent owners, where everyone is waiting for the approval of the government on the budget amendments after the formation of a special committee to amend the budget between parliament and the government.” Source