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Trump leaves Iraq after a lightning visit to inspect Assad’s air base

US President Donald Trump left Iraq Wednesday night with his wife Melania after a three-and-a-half hour visit to inspect Assad’s airbase.

The US president confirmed during the visit, according to Sky News channel, that the United States can no longer be a policeman of the world, defending his decision to withdraw his troops from Syria.

“The United States cannot remain the policeman of the world,” Trump said. “It is unfair when the burden falls on us, on the United States.” There will be no delay on the implementation of the decision to withdraw US troops from Syria.

“You cannot get more time, you had enough time,” he said.

During his brief visit to al-Assad’s air base, he noted that the United States has been fighting on behalf of other countries for a long time.

“We are spread all over the world … we are in countries that most people have not heard of. Frankly, this is ridiculous, “he said.” A preacher’s organization has been almost completely defeated.“ Source