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Throughout time, hope of a better life has been a lure causing people to leave behind everything they knew and had to pursue a new and improved existence.

Currency Revaluation?

In 2011 my good friend and mentor Sam, asked, “You are part of the RV, aren’t you”? “The what? RV? What’s that?” I asked…

After a brief explanation and a behest that I do some study, he said I should get involved immediately as it was going to be all over in a few days or a week at the most.

As I said Sam was my mentor, in whom I have explicit and full trust, I immediately bought my first Dinar, then studied. And studied some more.

Along the way I have made the mistake of mentioning the RV to a couple folks, each time I was essentially belittled for believing such a fantasy that sudden wealth could exist!

“If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”, is a life’s-philosophy that is prevalent in society and one that has made me consider much. Others who have “stepped out on faith” in this RV venture say they have been subject to deep ridicule as well.

There is fair number of Dinarians who report having been threatened with divorce or other domestic chastisement. I have even heard of some who have been subject to intervention! Many seem to believe that Dinarians have been misled or are merely fools.

Over this Thanksgiving holiday I have given time to considering the RV/GCR opportunity in the light of other life changing opportunities people have sought throughout history.

Europeans came to the new world wanting something better. Early American colonists, then frontier settlers and the pioneer settlers who crossed the plains, all wanted to own their own bit of the world.

In history, most people making life-changing moves (sacrifices) have sought to simply improve their ability to better assure they could provide for their needs to survive. However, during each period that has seen folks migrating across oceans and continents, there have been another breed who wanted more than to improve their chance to just survive. There were those seeking wealth.

All these various folks seeking a better life had a spirit that gave them courage and strength to leave all they knew. The left behind homes, friends and family, everything was left behind for just the chance to improve their lot in this world.

But along with the folks who merely wanted a fresh start or, indeed to have the opportunity to simply have food and shelter, there were those who went looking for the ‘Golden Ring’.

There were many entrepreneurs who saw ground floor opportunity to eventual wealth. Then there were those who sought only to grab the golden ring and run straight into wealth and prosperity.

In 1848 at Sutter’s Mill in California, gold was found. Hundreds of thousands of folks from around the world sacrificed all they had and flocked to the gold fields along with many hundreds of entrepreneurs who came along to pursue wealth from servicing the miners.

Land rushes (Oklahoma), oilfields and so many more life changing opportunities have been pursued by those who were willing to invest the effort and endure the pain and usually the ridicule of those with less vision or inadequate intestinal fortitude to try for the golden ring.

In every case where an adventurous opportunity seeker left home, some stayed behind and mocked with derision.

I salute and congratulate every Dinarian who first had desire, then the vision to see and took the time to do their due diligence and understand that RV of currency is a common-place event in the world and not a scheme like a ponzi or buing swamp land.

I salute and congratulate every Dinarian who has had the tenacity, courage and stamina to hang in as turns, dips, and the blind curves of world events at times made it seem as if our RV train would be derailed.

I salute and congratulate every Dinarian who has stood their ground, holding on to their dream of wealth as the golden ring has been dangled just out of reach while politics of the world, including the USA as well as other countries and the middle east have changed the face of the globe while we have waited for the blessing we have been called to receive.

Somewhat surreptitiously, the RV led us in circles while a power hungry dictator-wannabe delayed our progress by at least 4 years.

Valiant Dinarians have stayed the course as terrorists, natural and geopolitical disasters caused postponements while the world’s financial managers alter and the whole infrastructure of the planned RV to meet the changing needs of the world (and the greedy).

I salute all who have stayed aboard as the short ride we bought tickets to ride has became more wild and taken long, irrational detours on apparent bridges to nowhere.

As time has slid from the expected weeks to RV, to months and years it now appears that the train is going to be allowed to finally pull into the destined station.

It would have been wonderful if it would have been allowed at many different passed junctures including this Thanksgiving weekend. BUT we are nearing the point and all is well.

After these years of treading water, if it’s necessary to continue for a few more days or even a few more weeks, the Dinarians to whom I have referred in this presentation will be strong and diligent.

We will persevere.

When the moment comes that we walk out the bank door, deposit receipt and account documents safely in the briefcase, beaming a mile-wide smile of ecstatic joy and satisfaction that we have made it to the RV-CE. We hung on and got the prize!

At that point in time we step into the world with cautious and wise vigor to do the work each of us were brought into the RV to accomplish.

The naysayers and mockers? Oh! Make no doubt, they are still there in the same place we left them. Many will be expecting a share of our hard earned wealth.

Be strong and remember what we have sacrificed, the pain and stress we have endured to finally receive the blessing. Follow your heart but use the wisdom we have all learned during the “weeks we have waited”. You will do the right thing…


PS Love to all, and thank you my fellow Dinarville vets for being there and giving encouragement when it felt like I couldn’t hold on for another second.

Thank you for listening and soothing as the emotional pain of disappointment and loss brought thoughts and words of anguish and perceived hopelessness. As in Viet Nam, many have tried to leave no fallen behind.

Thank you for being my friends during this trial of life!