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CBI Announcement: “The Ministry of Finance approved on 2015/12/16 conduct a public auction auction (Y16) for the sale of the treasury for their remittances (364) on 12.20.2015.”  “To / all licensed banks and licensed money transfer all companies and financial investment companies and broker the buying and selling of foreign currencies approved all companies (foreign exchange rate) 12/20/2015 Board Resolution No. (329) for the year 2015 (the exchange rate) 12/18/2015.

[It is coming!]

Oh yeah…make no mistake about it! …funny, those announcements weren’t there yesterday when I checked. Not surprised, many items going on behind the scenes that only appear after the fact.

[Does that mean they are approving or have approved the exchange rate?]

According to the CBI, certainly makes one think so.