In Fleming 

Our military intel contact confirmed Mr. Fleming’s sources and Bruce’s sources reporting that POTUS & the RV teams want our T4B exchanges over with and finished by Wed 11/25, so they need to start us in the next couple of days;

He confirmed Bruce’s info that some T3-4A group participants above us in 4B have received notifications to exchange & access starting tomorrow Wed 11/18;

He is confirming Bruce’s info that the flow of upper level funds started tonight Tue 11/17 from 8pm EDT onward, and that will start us in T4B any time in the next 24-48 hours; he said watch and pray and stay ready.

I have stated before that none of us knows what is going on behind the scenes  Things change at a moments notice.  There is a lot of spin going on right now and the spin can be very confusing.  A lot of the information out there is designed to be confusing.  To keep you in the dark on  purpose.

There is some news that is being posted everywhere is designed to get you upset, created to keep you upset.  For those of us that have been involved in this for a while have learned to take much of the intel that is being provided with a grain of salt and move on.  It is information and it does not matter where the information comes from.  We do not downplay anyone’s intel.  We may not agree with anything they are saying but there is some truth in what they are saying.

I will say this we do not talk about other people that are providing information and that is what it is information that they have gotten from their trusted sources.  You just have to remember that everything changes we are not in control.  I wish that we were in control this would have been done a long time ago.

Just remember everyday we are moving forward and all that has been done can not be undone.  We just have to hold tight and stay calm.  We are getting there no matter what anyone is saying against this  process.  We are in the fire and the fire is making everyone stronger.