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Fleming First Wednesday RV Report

Fleming:  06/16/2021 Bank story from this morning

Attorney at WF and banker at HSBC, ready to go today following an invitation by the bank, both were told payouts this morning; both were denied payouts and told directly from UST, “We don’t care what IRAQ has done or will do, we will not let this go in the US. WE ARE NOT HONORING THIS IN THE US. Period

” How can this be stopped?

UST said, “There’s nothing on FOREX.”

Nobody gets release of account, nobody exchanges under Tier 4; nothing happens until the rate goes live on FRONT BANK SCREEN ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

If it’s IN COUNTRY, in Iraq right now, from one border to the next, they have to have already notified and coordinated this together with the IMF and the UST – all countries they are pegged to for trade.

This must be released globally because they have a sovereign right to establish their rate and this has been done. We have completed this part of our wait. Now we just wait for the global announcement.


Fleming Second Wednesday RV Report

Fleming:  06/16/2021 Note Concerning Bank Story

This means that this is a “shotgun start” vs a private deal. This means that people will be able to exchange in the banks at the teller window, at the same time as those of us in Tier 4 B – those of us knowledgeable about “contract rate” vs “international rate” will be able to exchange/redeem at the very same time, in redemption centers. This is a wide-shot shotgun start.

Best of all, it means that this is as clear and simple and unstoppable as it comes!



Fleming Third Wednesday RV Report

Fleming:  Our military intel contact said the global release of T4B & the shotgun start is still coming any moment, as MarkZ’ sources and Sheila’s (CMKX expert) sources (and Holly’s sources, & many others) are being told:

MZ Wed morning 16 June: I got a text from Sheila…..will read it first.

Sheila:  Hi Mark, I believe all adjudicated funds and F&P recipients will be notified this week. Today [Wed 16 June]  is a huge day. Enjoy and take good care of yourself….I believe the 4B group will also take place at the same time. Wwg1wga

MZ Wed 16 June: I am hearing the same thing….talked to a number of paymasters from different areas yesterday [Tue 15 June] afternoon…..They have tremendous anticipation. “

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