In Fleming 

Fleming’s Second Saturday RV Report:

Our military intel contact  is confirming Mr. Fleming’s intel and other sources saying that as of today Sat 19 June, the UST has gotten the sign off from other Treasuries across the globe on the new RV rates for all the other 22 currencies, and as Bruce said, the UST is getting the digital USN out to settle international trade transactions and the USN/USTN currency notes out, since the fiat USD is no longer being accepted since Tue 15 June in Iraq and several other countries;

He confirmed that Mr. Fleming’s source saying that Iraq is still working today Sat 19 June on its IQN rate at $3.90 and as soon as the CBI is done, the other 22 currency rates will be triggered too;

He is confirming that the general public T5 is now planned by the IMF to start by Sat 3 July AFTER T4B SafeLink Website links and 800#s have been out over the coming last two weeks of June;

He is confirming as Holly reported today, that as of today Sat 19 June, value day has been given and our guy’s info is that it will be verified by UST Mon 21 June;

Our guy’s info is the same as MarkZ’s that all T4A paymasters are finishing moving funds this weekend into accounts for their lower level T4A group beneficiary account payouts to start when bond and paymaster funds are released on Mon 21 June, and when T4B notifications are expected to be out too—

His info is that the RV security teams and other teams will either have things underway or will decide at the Mon 21 June 11 am EST meeting how to roll everything out; approved bond sellers globally are receiving notification of bond payouts (as some of Mr. Fleming’s bond holder contacts have received today Sat 19 June) payouts beginning from any time Mon 21 June forward starting with the German bonds and Yellow Dragon bonds;(edited)

He said BE PREPARED and keep prayers going up as this week is expected to be BOOM WEEK FOR EVERYONE AND EVERY TIER!

All paymasters know, he said, and all UST personnel know, all bankers know, all group leaders know, that anyone who is caught slowing this roll-out down or doing the cabal’s bidding will be swiftly and EFFECTIVELY arrested, accounts frozen, etc.

So the RV roll-out is expected to go smoothly and all cabal wannabes have already or will be scooped up and received free flights to any of the number of detention centers in GITMO, Antarctica, or other global locations that no one in their right mind would ever want to be detained in. . . Just saying.

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