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Fleming RV Report Late Monday Night

Will there be an End to this Never-Ending Story?

There are 30 days in September, and only 10 days before this month ends. That’s ten short days before we roll into Q4, with one more chance to turn this year around. The threat is coming from all sides, there is no time left to delay. For too many, the “Bad Done Set In.”

The word is that there is no delay.

Today the info received was:

This. Has. Started.

Three little words that say everything we want to hear, everything we want to see. This (RV) has started which translates to TIER 4 notifications coming our way. But when? If we have our way it’s right now, today, this very minute. And that’s not soon enough! Ha! Why have we been waiting?

Earlier we were told that no one gets spendable cash until Tier 4 notifications start. The bonds, the principal (Dubai) platforms, have all been funded with liquid cash, verified, checked and remain in a holding pattern waiting for US – for Tier 4 to GO. There have been some workarounds on this edict. Loans have been made against these assets-on-hold, facilitated by Tier 1 banks, as an example. From all indications though, the edict stands. No liquid, spendable cash until Tier 4.

The national -government Bonds, originally provided against accounts that have laid dormant for decades; had to go first. The System had to be clear, clean, and perform as required, to allow the party that was verified owner, to profit. This has been the major task at hand.

The shenanigans pulled are legion. The perpetrators pushing fake bonds, and falsely claiming ownership, run the gamut of cartel members to the unsuspecting Neighbor Joe, that bought the bonds on eBay. Differentiating who’s who has been a big challenge. Now, with the money allocated and in account, in proper denomination (asset-backed vs fiat); the (new) QFS has taken control and is tracking this movement of money.

We can sleep better knowing that this Quantum System will keep everyone safe and most importantly keep this money out of the hands of mercenaries and cartels – where it’s actually been for centuries.

This. Has. Started.

Three little words to bring joy to our hearts and set our blood to stirring in anticipation of the fulfillment of a lifetime of dreams. Actually many lifetimes of hopes and wishes have been poured into this Grand Event – not just from the few White Hats.

From the children, and the dreamers, from those who gifted currency and those that have gifted to others, waking them up along the way. The gratitude we will spark, once we, Tier 4 RV, will be the Shift of Nations. This is no small feat. This is what we came here to do.

Now we wait for emails and 800#’s to arrive. Promised to start immediately once Iraq posts their new rate. This, we’ve heard, will be prior to the end of this month.

The world is watching Iraq! All of North Africa, the Middle East is striking out on a New Path to Glory with the Golden Dinar. We honor their rightful ascension to prominence, as we honor each other. It is time for the real work to begin.

God Bless Us All.

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