In Fleming 

Fleming Tuesday Night

Arrests in Reno

We’ve heard for many years that arrests will escalate in the end days of RV GCR. Immediately once the party (to be arrested) exchanges currency/bonds, etc., they will be arrested for crimes committed. The principal crime being taking another’s precious assets without proper licensing, or authority.

How many “paymasters” will be arrested? We have no way of knowing. This is something that’s been expected, and we also don’t expect to abate, not until the RV GCR is over and done – sometime in October?

If you’re one of the Brave Hearts that stayed the course, believing that once the System was gone – caput – eliminated, that in a fair and just world you’d have the same ability to exchange, and even to negotiate a “contract rate” for projects.

If you believed in the ultimate return to Freedom and Sovereignty found in NESARA with its principles of common law fairness, congratulations for your wisdom and especially for the fortitude you demonstrated. Steering clear of fear-mongers touting that “only they would be able to exchange,” took some doing.

The “arrests” of hundreds of thousands is committed and It Is Written. These arrests have been foreseen and foretold and we, Tier 4, are to stand witness of this great cleanse of evil.

We are to manage the development of a Beautiful World, free from corrupt practices and blackmail. With Tier 4’s incredibly large numbers we will see this Good Work happen quickly.

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