In Fleming 

Late Tuesday Night Fleming RV Update:

The IMF, under Agreement with Iraq, has issued a demand that Iraq revalue their currency, (drop the 3 zeros) by November 30, 2021.

By December 1, Iraq will have a new value close to $5.00.

The Government of Iraq is announcing this imminent shift in currency on the jumbotrons, huge video monitors, showing in every town square and city center in Iraq.

The reason for the long delay, as discussed, was the great need to educate the public, on banking and the use of digital money – vs cash. Especially important is the chronic use of black market foreign money.

Tremendous change is coming fast.

Iraq is the lynch pin, leverage for the Golden Dinar, raising the economic profile of the Middle East at large.

This will see the start of every nation around the world following suit.


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