In Fleming 

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources that the shotgun start is STILL ON TRACK FOR THIS WEEK and to watch for T4B notification emails any time over the next 48-72 hours (he must be vague for security now);

He said the other claims are misinfo that the RV exchanges will not start till after Christmas in 2021 or that Kim Goguen is releasing all currencies except the ZIM (to which he says NOT!!!) . . . .

He said these claims are MISINFO PUT OUT BY [D]EEP STATE CIA half-wits to deceive the currency community

Our guy’s clarifications are in brackets:

“Sunday 06 December 2020.”

“Redemption XXXX NYC“

“Good day,“

“Many ask us what to say to their [Bond & Asset] Holders (please explain to them that this [THIS RV / GCR RELEASE] is a Global Banking Change that is impacting all countries with asset-backed [GOLD-BACKED] funds … and is controlled by the Department of Defense [DoD], and they are moving away from the Rothschild-Cabal [[D]eep State] banking systems, so the last precautions are taken and THEREFORE [THERE HAVE BEEN] SO MANY DELAYS).”

“Today [Sun 6 Dec] there is GOOD NEWS FROM EVERYWHERE, Hong Kong, Zurich, Miami, Reno, etc.

“Even FEB contacts said: Nothing can stop him [= NOTHING CAN STOP “IT” viz. THE RV RELEASE] ANYMORE, THAT’S FOR SURE.”

“However, implementation [has turned out] to be a slow process.“

 “ Higher payments to priority / real / collateral holder etc groups have not yet started or are in process, not yet clearly known.

“They didn’t reveal those details due to the gag order[s] . . . however, it is only a matter of time and more UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENCE [ARE NEEDED] ON OUR PART.”

“Once the funds are clear and available to Paymasters and SKR / historical asset holders … all sellers will get NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) and THE PROCESS BEGINS [our guy added it BEGINS AT THE TIME THAT T4B 800# NOTIFICATIONS GO OUT, STILL EXPECTED ANY TIME THIS WEEK, WATCH NEXT 48-72 HOURS],

 “[the shotgun release bond & historic payout process begins parallel to T4B starting] with final due diligence … then the contract, then 1% [advance on bond/asset redemption proceeds] then 9% down payment without any TTM meeting or physical verification of assets … remainder 90% after TTM at seller location worldwide after asset verification and appraisal [our guy added these are the security protocols that were worked on by DoD security teams over the past several days].“

“Cordially,”   XXXXX

“Chief of Redemption XXXX NYC“

Our guy said Pelosi has been dealt with so that is why she “so graciously” [said with sarcasm and with dentures sliding around the mouth hidden by a mask. . .] said that NOW SHE WILL NO LONGER STAND IN THE WAY OF THE STIMULUS BILL FUNDS which means she will NO LONGER BLOCK THE RV RELEASE TOO (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kt7QAiEUhA). . .

Heaven help her and any other [D]eep State lackies if they try to interfere further this week—he said WE ARE WINNING THIS WAR AGAINST THE [D]EEP STATE SWAMP!!

He said his info matches Dr. Charlie Ward who said he got a call last Thu 3 Dec that they were ready FINALLY to release the RV shotgun start—that is still the case this week our guy said.

He is also confirming parts of Tony’s info and sources that redemption center exchange staff today Mon 7 Dec were “at the banks [& redemption centers]. So the start of exchanges could be from tomorrow TUE 8 DEC. Treasury saying still before Christmas. . . . Summary: Banks [& redemption centers] are still waiting and eager to go. We were told we would get 800#s but haven’t yet. They are still saying any minute anytime. They are still saying before Christmas. Buy more Dong. Its $50 at Chase.

He said keep praying this in, pray for POTUS and DoD white hats and Gen. Flynn as they and the security teams oversee the shotgun start release globally this week, and watch and pray this week that nothing arises causing any more delays—THIS IS IT he said IT IS OVER!!