In Fleming 

Tues/Wed RV Update: 

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that everything is still on track and multiple global govt, banking, paymaster sources are being told by UST that the RV/GCR start is ANY TIME within a window for T4B notifications and shotgun start—he said he and other sources must be vague for security so the Deep State bad guys are kept wondering—so the start is ANY TIME between now and next Tue 22 Dec ;

He said that POTUS and the RV teams are still pushing hard for the T4B RV exchanges to be COMPLETED (not started) BEFORE CHRISTMAS Thu-Fri 24-25 Dec and the shotgun start of liquidity payout downstreaming being started by then to T1-4A;

He said that all are on alert tonight Tue 15 Dec and many have been told that 800#s and notifications could come (1) as early as tomorrow Wed 16 Dec, confirming Bruce’s intel that redemption center staff have a daily schedule from now through next week mid-week from 8:30am to 8:30pm at night (in some regions from 6am to 11pm at night once exchanges start); (2) while others have been told the start of liquidity and exchanges will be toward the end of this week; (3) and others have been told the start is next Mon-Tue 21-22 Dec forward;

IN ANY CASE POTUS wants it done BEFORE CHRISTMAS and DoD & UST have determined that up to 90% of T4B currency holders can get in and out of exchanges in 48 hours and by 23-24 Dec Wed-Thu next week; SO BE READY he said, watch and pray;

His info matches MarkZ’s that Iraqi sources are expecting the Dinar rate change BEFORE Christmas and that now the Dinar is depegging (https://www.iraqoilreport.com/news/dinar-value-falls-as-iraq-contemplates-currency-devaluation-43398/ ) as we were all told it would just before what Iraqi news is calling “devaluation” of the Dinar = the RV/GCR rate change about to be executed.

He agrees with MarkZ that the disclosure of Deep State criminal depravity and idiocy is being put on full display now just before the RV release as always expected;

Iraq Oil Report: Dinar value falls as Iraq contemplates currency devaluation
MPs say Iraq’s 2021 budget is likely to bring a significant drop in the value of the dinar, helping the government’s balance sheet but hurting the purchasing power of most Iraqis.

He is confirming the info from some of Mr. Fleming’s T4A and 4B bond holders who said that the start could be overnight tonight or later this week:

One of their banker sources said that they are being told by UST to fully expect the RV shotgun liquidity release to start this week toward the end of the week (the liquidity downstreaming of which would only start our guy said when our T4B 800# notification emails are released to us), which our guy said may be true if it is not pushed into the first part of next week; one contact was told they would be paid out on their bonds 2 weeks ago, their paymaster is in Miami WF waiting for the start, and the current word is the payout will happen toward the latter half of this week (however he said note that other bond holders are being told any time from this weekend through Tue 22 Dec, intentional timing vagueness for security purposes; certain govt contacts of these bond-holders are also under gag orders and NDAs and so are silent;

So he said stay ready and pray over all details please.