In Fleming 

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that everything is still going well with pushing out the RV start as of tonight Thu 12/17, even though the election chaos seems overwhelming at times because the Deep State is pulling out all its stops as it is in a DEATH SPIRAL NOW;

He said the RV teams and POTUS are pushing everything forward as fast as they can make it run; confirming that they ran another release algorithm yesterday Wed 16 Dec, and they have been in process over the past 24-48 hours of locking everything down for the release, and that was the last major task to start the 72-hour shotgun release process

Confirming that last night Wed 16 Dec the bonds started to move into a liquid state, are continuing to be made liquid, and somewhere within 72 hours of bonds going liquid (Sat 19 Dec or Mon-Tue 21-22 Dec), the T4B exchanges are set to start and the shotgun release of liquidity to all levels will start;

He is confirming that The bond traders are getting happy and excited because they see bond liquidity being released now showing

PROGRESS TOWARD START; confirming that once T4B starts, We will have 10 days of exchanging;

He is confirming that All holdups (bad players) have been removed & that though They would like to start T4B individuals tomorrow Friday 18 Dec, with the amount work left Mon-Tue 21-22 Dec is more likely(edited)

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s bond holder sources in Zurich who are saying they have appts tomorrow Fri 12/18 which are set to start their bond liquidity release then or after Fri night 12/18 any time through Tue 22 Dec (in parallel to T4B start timing);

He is confirming that as the RV teams work on everything POTUS wants done, POTUS & his team are moving all the NESARA / GESARA restored Republic legal processes forward; confirming that POTUS moved Barr out of DOJ just before Christmas while POTUS & his team are putting the restored Republic legally and organizationally into place—

He is also confirming info from Fulford and others that the top 5 Chinese Elders and the grandfather, in releasing the RV and GCR right now, do NOT support the Chinese Communist Party, which started as a Deep State CIA [OSS] Freemason satanist movement when Mao Zedong was inducted into the Yale University Skull & Bones club in China and immediately became a murderous pedophile (as indeed most other high level Freemason satanists become and as indeed the whole Chinese Communist Party have became

He is confirming Dr. Charlie Ward’s info from his sources that the banks will be closed from Christmas Eve 24 Dec (by EO) for the four-day Christmas Holiday, and then they would reopen on Fri 1 Jan to the GCR/RV new financial system; he confirmed that as AG Barr resigned on Mon 14 Dec, the DOJ sent out 24 additional criminal subpoenas on the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden (and the Biden Crime family);(edited)

He is confirming sources saying that the transition to the restored Republic happened Wed night 16 Dec at about midnight EST; this is a big transition behind the scenes, and another transitional milestone for NESARA / GESARA and the GCR / RV will be done during the Christmas holiday;

He is confirming that the key in POTUS’s plan is to get the liquidity out and exchanges going BEFORE Christmas and this is starting now over the next 48 hours in the bond funds being downstreamed into recipient accounts;

He is confirming that DNI Ratcliffe’s Report on Foreign Interference in the 3 Nov 2020 Election may be delayed beyond tomorrow Fri 18 Dec because the 16 intel agencies which report to ODNI Ratcliffe do not all [CIA, FBI, etc] want to release the substantial intel that DIA, NSA, and other agencies have that China was responsible with the western Deep State for the election fraud in the 6 battleground states and across the country

But our guy said that his info is that even if Ratcliffe’s report is delayed, the POTUS & the RV teams will still push out the RV / GCR release and start T4B exchanges BEFORE Christmas; he agrees with MarkZ that someone (actually 70% of our govt politicians and agency half-wits) need to be arrested and prosecuted for being Deep State and Chinese CCP puppets.

He said that his info is the same as Gen. Michael Flynn’s that POTUS does not need to initiate full martial law, but under the 12 Sept 2018 EO 13848 Against Election Foreign Interference POTUS could exercise broad powers through the military

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources that in spite of all that has happened thus far, HSBC and WF are still the lead banks in initiating the exchanges and shotgun release.