In Fleming 

Our military intel contact said he is really busy but a quick report:

Iraq CBI devaluing the Dinar as of yesterday Sat 19 Dec was, as MarkZ pointed out last Tue 15 Dec, a precursor just before the expected Dinar RV to the $15 range [expected in the Iraqi budget] —& that CBI devaluation of the Dinar happened yesterday Sat 19 Dec accd to Reuters (https://www.reuters.com/article/iraq-currency-idUKL1N2IZ0BE )

It is GOOD NEWS not bad news, because like with the same depegging from the Dollar that happened just before the Kuwaiti Dinar RV-ed 29.5 years ago in March 1991,

Yesterday’s Sat 19 Dec devaluation of the Iraqi Dinar was to precede the RV of the Dinar—so it tells us the RV IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and the RV/ GCR is happening NOW & NOT in 3 weeks he said;

There are also lots of happenings this weekend, high level arrests going on ALSO AS EXPECTED JUST BEFORE START OF T4B …arrests now at the Clintons, Podestas, Huma Abedin level, as Juan O’Savin (JFK Jr) said in his Thu 17 Dec interview with Gene Decode;

Lots happening he said, it’s still starting for us before Christmas he said; said more later.