In Fleming 

From what we are hearing they are rolling it out as this day is progressing. It is moving East to West. As soon as we get the safelink web sites we will post then here and in Discord and Telegram Rooms.

Our military intel contact was able to also say he knows everyone is sick of hearing this is close, but he said this time is different than in past weeks for several reasons

 (1) because POTUS told his White House staff last Thu 17 Dec to leave DC to avoid any unrest as arrests started in DC,

(2) because the highest-to-date level arrests (level of Clintons, Podestas, Huma Abedin) that started over the past weekend, and because the current “mop up operation” this week that MarkZ heard about from his govt sources includes the transition through to the RV/GCR & NESARA and including Iraq’s RV rate change following last Sat’s 19 Dec Iraqi Dinar devaluation/depegging as happened in the 25 March 1991 Kuwaiti Dinar RV about a week after the Kuwaiti Dinar devalued/depegging from the Dollar—showing THIS WEEK IS IN THE ZONE he said.

He could also say this week’s mopping up operation is the CULMINATION bringing a decisive victory against those Deep State & CCP bad actors who fought the RV release and the release of the NESARA /GESARA restored Republic and the constitutional freedoms and financial freedoms these give us and the nations post-RV.