In Fleming 

Our military intel contact replied “Exactly, as Mr Fleming’s source said, this whole funds release is so deliberate and apparently slow, because the government [white hats, POTUS, DoD, and the Alliance] knew it would not be safe to set us loose with such incredible sums of money without also tying it to a financial system that allows them to know exactly where and how it is used.

It’s called, ‘Trust, but verify.’” Our guy added “It is the 20+ [really 70+] year war with the cabal / Deep State rats that would make it very dangerous indeed for us currency holders  without the system & govt flushed of globalist Deep State swamp sewage rats and without the whole QFS system of trust-but-verify in place, especially when you have as much as 70% of federal, state, and local leaders compromised by CCP Chinese communist spies

He said please pray as all this is revealed & dealt with and continue prayers that the rats cannot delay the RV in this country or Iraq or anywhere else.