In Fleming 

Wednesday RV Update:

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources, MarkZ’s sources, and Bruce’s sources and others saying that the RV release, liquidity shotgun start, & T4B start may happen any time over the next seven days or so under the cover of the current military deployments inside and outside the USA to arrest Deep State rats; Deep State rats (like Pelosi et al) have tried to flee but it is in vain as every last one of them will be apprehended, arrested, and prosecuted before military tribunals;

He confirmed Bruce’s sources that all bond holders’ genealogies, including T4B ZIM holders, were checked by security teams to make sure we, our parents, and grandparents have had no ties to Deep State connections; they are ready to start us now any time over the next several days.

His info is the same as Bruce that this is the calm before the storm breaks out from tomorrow

He confirmed Bruce and others that it may be a good idea to be ready for a few days of shortages in major cities of food and supplies, and for possible on-off outages of communications, media and social media, there may be ATM & credit card transaction disruptions, mostly during the few days this coming weekend to the 20 Jan

His info is also that these next 2 weeks will be very bumpy as the Deep State fights back and no matter how much violence is attempted by Antifa etc, he agrees that we need to be aware that POTUS, DoD, and the white hats have it all under control;

He appreciates prayer over the RV release and the transition happening now into NESARA / GESARA globally under military implementation and arrests, as MOAB disclosure and declassification happens over the next several days of phase 1 of the arrests.