In Fleming 

Sunday Fleming RV Update

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources and other sources that POTUS & RV security teams in the Fri evening 15 Jan RV team meeting, after reviewing 2 days of successful tests, decided again at about 11:15pm EST to continue pushing forward with the RV shotgun start roll out to get it fully out and started in the next 3-4 days;

He confirmed that POTUS met with the UST and that POTUS, DoD, and the RV teams have current short term plans to get the RV liquidity out and released over the next 72-96 hours, to get the money out and our T4B exchanges started, before or by the Wed 20 Jan inauguration date;

He confirmed that POTUS and the DoD white hats are MAKING SURE that the moneys are released & exchanges started, so that the main (upper) levels globally are made liquid starting Sun 17 Jan;

He confirmed that the exchange centers went through special training Fri 15 Jan on the latest updates and protocols to get ready for T4B exchanges this coming week.

He is confirming that if all the WF & HSBC test releases go well over this weekend, involving them checking email addresses, pinging WF email databases now to make sure that they are still active, then they will lock down rates overnight Sun-Mon 17-18 Jan for the liquidity shotgun start and T4B start before or by the Wed 20 Jan inauguration date.

He is confirming that POTUS did finalize agreements with the security teams, because there are security hotspots in about 400 cities across the country, but DoD security teams are confident that Special Force (SOF) teams and regular military troops can contain the threats;

POTUS said that he and his teams ARE NOW ON TOP OF the tenacity of the Deep State opposition to the RV release and the NESARA / GESARA introduction of the restored Republic and the constitutional freedoms and financial freedoms Post-RV that POTUS has been working hard to ensure for We-The-People in this country and for those in all 209 countries; as Dr. Charlie Ward said in the past, it has been ONE HELL OF FIGHT but POTUS and the white hats have WON THE FIGHT AGAINST THE DEEP STATE for us and for the RV / GCR / NESARA / GESARA!

Our guy is confirming that POTUS created a finalized master plan on Fri 15 Jan to get the RV / GCR out NOW and a long-term plan to get out the full implementation of NESARA / GESARA under the restored Republic in a way that the Deep State could never undo again, if they ever gain power again in coming decades or centuries.

He is confirming that part of that plan of POTUS and the white hats is to GET THE RV / GCR MONEY MOVED NOW, because POTUS and the RV teams NEED THE MONEY TO MOVE NOW in order to ACTUALIZE SOME OF THOSE PLANS; so they are working on FINAL TESTS RIGHT NOW this weekend PRIOR TO THE START; confirming the top Chinese Elders were also very busy Fri 15 Jan getting some last minute tasks fulfilled that they needed to fulfill for the start;

Confirming that all of the major teams are going through their final processing and settlement for closings and liquidity between now and Mon 18 Jan; the security codes, authorization codes, and the release codes are being checked now along with the audits and the reviews and the other procedures for verification and validation of who should get what in T1-4A/4B, in what way, and in what sequence; he confirmed that if all goes well this weekend as expected then a value day will be declared Mon or Tue 18-19 Jan to start liquidity release and to start us in T4B just before or on the inauguration date;

The GOOD NEWS here, our guy said, is that POTUS and the decision makers have finally determined that (1) the Deep State is defeated enough to release the RV moneys and to start the RV exchanges and (2) POTUS & the white hats need the RV moneys to move NOW to fulfill their NESARA / GESARA roll out plans going forward.

The other GOOD NEWS here, our guy said, is that THEY ARE FIRM on GETTING THE RV / GCR MONEY MOVING OUT FULLY NOW; this is the plan unless something unexpected gets in the way, and they are not expecting anything to get in the way, not even the political drama surrounding the inauguration, BECAUSE THESE MONEYS ARE NEEDED NOW; the USA and the countries of the world NEED THIS MONEY ASAP; it does not matter what political drama works itself out in the USA, all involved realize that the RV / GCR MONEYS MUST BE PUSHED OUT NOW;

He confirmed that POTUS is working on putting out NESARA / GESARA implementation in a way that the Deep State cannot undo easily in the long term, long after Trump is no longer president after his second term 2021-24; in other words, POTUS is organizing things in such a way that our constitutional freedoms and financial freedoms are protected from Deep State calculated removal of those freedoms long after his second term.(edited)

Our guy confirmed that the USA is still under low profile limited martial law now (we have been under a form of martial law legally since 9/11/2001 under the Patriot Act he said), military deployed across the country, and many Deep State CCP compromised politicians and bureaucrats are already being arrested now;

he confirmed that Mon-Tue 18-19 Jan could see significant actions by POTUS and military units against Deep State players

Our guy is confirming that by Tue 19 Jan, POTUS will reveal what he will do with the govt transition to the restored Republic, with the inauguration date, and with the RV release that will be underway by next Wed 20 Jan; he is confirming that the RV security teams have identified, planned for, and said they can contain threats in the hot spots in DC, in 50 state capitols, and in 400 urban potential hot spots across the nation so that T4B exchanges can be started securely.

Liquidity is expected to be released Tue 19 Jan and T4B should be starting about the same time.

He advised that as soon as you get out of your initial redemption / exchange appointment, that you ask your assigned WM and trust company team to work with you to put the money in your accounts under asset-protection irrevocable trusts and ALSO (very important) INTO ASSET PROTECTION INVESTMENT VEHICLES such as hard assets, real estate, gold, silver, including gold and silver coins, rare artwork, and other non-paper investment vehicles, etc, etc, so that the NDA CLAW BACK provisions, that MAY be a part of the NDAs we will be signing, WOULD NOT MAKE IT EASY FOR ANY GOVERNMENT (federal, state, or local government) taxing authority, law enforcement authority, or judicial authority to tax, seize, or confiscate your funds on false charges or through any other means to take the money from you and your accounts;

As always, he said use your discernment and pray over all as we all keep stepping forward toward and over the finish line.