In Fleming 

RV Update Late Tuesday /Wednesday

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources, Bruce’s sources, MarkZ’s sources, and other sources saying that we are going through the transition right now to the shotgun liquidity release and the T4B notification emails being released any moment from now till Sat 23 Jan

He is confirming Bruce’s sources that at 4:45 pm EST today Tue 19 Jan, as Trump began his speech, there was a release to start paying out bond holder liquidity from about 5 pm EST onward into bond holder accounts (accessible when we in T4B receive our notification emails, 800#s and Safe Link Website links, to start setting our appointments to exchange / redeem);

His info is the same as Bruce that paymasters are to be in Reno for the shotgun start no later than tomorrow Wed 20 Jan and bond holders could receive access to 1-2% of their account funds as early as tomorrow Wed 20 Jan or Thu 21 Jan and parallel to them, we in T4B could be started any time between now and Sat 23 Jan;

As Bruce said we need to be patient and pray-in our T4B start, even though it could start as late as Sat 23 Jan after Trump has activated the EBS, declared (made public) martial law, among other measures

He confirmed that bond holder account recipients were told this afternoon Tue 19 Jan that their bond liquidity was to be released any moment now: e.g., Isaac in Zurich was told by his bank “any moment. . . Be ready. . . . Liquidity is coming any moment now.” So this suggests our T4B notifications and the T1-4A shotgun liquidity start is also any moment now through the coming weekend.(edited)

Our guy appreciates all prayers and wants to remind everyone that as POTUS Trump said, THE BEST IS YET TO COME and he confirmed what others have said (Dr. Charlie Ward, Mike Adams, Benjamin Fulford, et al.) that we can be VERY CONFIDENT THAT THE WHITE HATS, THE GOOD GUYS, ARE WINNING, THOUGH it may LOOK LIKE THE OPPOSITE FOR A FEW DAYS!