In Fleming 

Friday RV Update:

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources, Bruce’s sources, MarkZ’s sources and others saying that the RV/GCR release is STILL HAPPENING NOW over the next several days and T4B should remain ready for the 1.4 million notification emails to go out from WF servers any day now over the next 5 days (still has to be vague for security) with the public T5 scheduled to start exchanging after the RV becomes public around next Wed 27 Jan.

He repeated that MarkZ’s military sources have the same info as of today Thu 21 Jan that he has that the RV release is STILL IN PLAY & WE ARE IN THE THICK OF IT RIGHT NOW

Thu 21 Jan; our guy said we are still a GO for T4B start between now through the weekend into next Mon-Tue 25-26 Jan

He agreed with Simon Parkes’ update today Thu 21 Jan that the Deep State are trying hard to stop the RV/GCR transition to the QFS gold-backed system, as they have done historically–attempts to reset the US Dollar to the gold standard were why the Deep State murdered JFK in 1963, why Reagan was shot and almost murdered 31 March 1981 (there were several other assassination attempts against Reagan too he said), and why the Deep State on 9/11 killed 3,000+ innocent Americans in the Twin Towers NYC, in the planes that crashed, and via the missile that struck the Pentagon on 9/11 as executed by Pres. Bush Jr, VP Cheney, and Rumsfeld;

It’s the reason Trump survived 13+ assassination attempts over the past 4 years–the KEY he said IS THAT THE PEDO-SATANIST DEEP STATE PSYCHOPATHS HAVE MADE THREATS TO KILL PEOPLE THIS PAST WEEK in order to STOP & DELAY the RV/GCR NOW, as they have done DOZENS OF TIMES IN PAST MONTHS / YEARS! So he said PRAYERS ARE IMPORTANT to stop these satanist psychopaths!!(edited)

He said the X22 report and Marshall Report (like reports this past week by Juan O Savin, Simon Parkes, Dr. Charlie Ward, Robert David Steele, Gene Decode, et al) are accurate views, accd to his info, of what is happening now behind the scenes: https://x22report.com/military-control-11-3-verifies-as-1st-marker-think-illegitimate-e2383/     And   https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2021/01/20/trump-ode-to-the-corporation/   .(edited)

He is still being told that we will receive more clarity by next Sun 24 Jan on the Deep State removal and that the public timing of T5 exchanges in the RV/GCR release sequence is currently next Wed 27 Jan, with the shotgun liquidity release and T4B start happening before that;

So he said KEEP PRAYERS GOING, STAY READY FOR T4B notifications any time between now & Sat 23 Jan into next Tue 26 Jan, and as Trump, Gen Flynn, and other patriots have said, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Our guy is confirming Dr. Charlie Ward’s sources and those of Simon Parkes, Juan O’Savin, and Robert David Steele, that the white hats behind the scenes are HIGHLY CONFIDENT AND VERY HAPPY THAT VICTORY IS ASSURED on both the RV/GCR release front and on the removal and arrests of the DC swamp govt front.