In Fleming 

Late Monday Night RV Update

Our military intel contact said that as of today Mon 1 Feb there have been some pauses of the liquidity shotgun start & 4B start due to security issues (not major) that have to be nailed down by the RV security teams under DoD direction;

He said the security issues include mostly containing Deep State efforts to burn down the country as they are going down & losing the war now domestically and globally and some paymaster & bond sellers violating NDAs that are being cleaned up right now;

As of right now he said watch Iraq tomorrow Tue 2 Feb expected to pass their budget with the Dinar RV rate (approx $16.00 range) with the economic reform White Papers to put the RV rate in the Gazette Wed 3 Feb, but he said that T4B & the shotgun start could still be triggered any moment any day going forward this week

Redemption centers are still fully staffed and ready, so he said stay ready, and as Isaac in Zurich said today Mon 1 Feb, “We are closer than ever: be patient and be ready.”