In Fleming 

Fleming Wednesday RV–Related Update

Fleming: Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources and Bruce’s sources that the shotgun start and T4B start are very very close at any moment going forward this week;

His timing info matches Bruce’s sources saying that bond sellers have been notified by paymasters, the bond sellers have returned notifications and communicated back by email and they’ve been told they will have access to funds (liquidity with access to the liquidity) in 24 hours of today Tue 2 Feb; as Bruce said, this makes tomorrow Wed 3 Feb look like a good possibility for the shotgun start including our T4B email notifications and start still any moment going forward this week.

He is confirming MarkZ’s sources and other sources that FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONG WHILE EVERYONE WHO NEEDS TO BE IN PLACE for the shotgun start IS IN PLACE at their banking centers—paymasters, attorneys, group leaders, bankers, many of whom MarkZ has talked to personally are all at their places WAITING FOR THE START TO BE TRIGGERED AT ANY MOMENT; redemption center staff are in the redemption centers this week waiting for us in T4B (T4 individuals) to be started.(edited)

He said that claims by other military sources saying that the RV release will not happen till mid-March are simply disinfo, because ALL paymasters, attorneys, bankers, group leaders, etc, would HARDLY be IN PLACE NOW for a release that will not happen till mid-March;

He understands why the disinfo is put out by military and security team people—to throw off the bad guys—but he says to those putting out the disinfo, to put a cap on the disinfo and stop relying on it to protect white hat operations, because the bad guys are already largely subdued/arrested and our guy’s info is that the interim military government knows that the RV / GCR release is needed RIGHT NOW NOT IN 5 WEEKS (!!) in order to bring down the Deep State fully around the globe—that is PRECISELY WHY he said the banks, bankers, paymasters, attorneys, group leaders, etc, have been told the shotgun start is ANY MOMENT NOW GOING FORWARD.

He is confirming that NESARA will begin to be revealed this month of February while GESARA will begin to be revealed as early as March 2021

He is confirming that Congress does not appear to be in session now (  Thu 21 Jan–House cancels business during first full Biden week —Washington Times

https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/jan/21/house-cancels-business-during-first-full-biden-wee/ ),

The Washington Times

House cancels business during first full Biden week

The House won’t meet next week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday, canceling the first full week for the chamber under President Biden.

And more National Guard troops have been called by the DoD into DC to stay there through March / April for the transition to the restored Republic / NESARA being revealed and a new election via the QVS (Quantum Voting System);

He said again be ready for any moment now start of T4B notifications and be ready to present your project proposals for the higher contract rates.