In Fleming 

Tuesday RV intel

Our military intel contact said that this morning at 6am PST Tue 8 Feb there was a green light to start release of upper level liquidity at specific times and in a specific release sequence across the 27 categories of payouts leading up to the start of the 72-hour shotgun start by the end of this week;

His info matches MarkZ’s that the start is imminent and that is why paymasters, attorneys, and group leaders are gagged now and have been asked to remain in place at their banking centers around the world;

Iraq is expected to pass the budget tomorrow Wed 10 Feb with the Dinar RV in-country rate of about $16.40 (the $16 range predicted by Dr. Shabibi years ago).

He said the 900 active military personnel working on getting the RV out seem to be on schedule and are still on track to fulfill the mission given to them to work with the just under 300 staff in Reno to get the beginning of the 72-hour shotgun start out the door by the end of this week so that it’s done for the Chinese New Year beginning Fri 12 Feb and exchanges can start for us in T4B (T4 individuals) globally any time between the end of this week and early next week.

He said the military will ensure that post-RV environment will be safe for all who exchange / redeem to be able to use the funds to help those in need, create jobs, and to heal the planet.