In Fleming 

Thursday RV update

Our military intel contact said everyone is still in mega-anticipation mode—he is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that the shotgun liquidity start was planned to be initiated with bond liquidity moving at higher tiers in Reno and with other buyers today Thu 11 Feb, and that the balance of liquidity movement would be on Mon 15 Feb;

He said what this means is that the initiation of the 72 hour shotgun start is happening some time over the coming 24 hours and that there was a green light for Reno at 8am PST and a global green light for higher level liquidity movement at 9:15am PST this morning Thu 11 Feb;

He said again that our T4B notifications could come any time during the 72-hour shotgun start window from now through Sat 13 Feb into Mon-Tue 15-16 Feb; so he said Stay ready and watch for the email notifications and Secure Web Link.

He is confirming MarkZ’s info this morning Thu 11 Feb: MarkZ said that he  talked to a quite a few “whales” or big investors, and they have received a notice to pack their bags and prepare for travel as early as this weekend for redemption and exchanges;(edited)

Our guy’s info matches MarkZ’s that we are at a higher level of alert then we have been in 6-8 years.