In Fleming 

Tuesday PM RV Update:

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s source’s, MarkZ’s sources, and Dr. Charlie Ward’s sources saying that EVERYTHING IS READY to START the 72-hour RV shotgun release any time now, and that T4B needs to be ready for exchanges-redemptions to start any time over the next 24-48 hours as we await an expected lockdown by the military of final RV rates for the 22 currencies and the bonds and for the Value Day to be declared for our exchanges-redemptions to start EXPECTED STILL THIS WEEK;

He confirmed that the RV teams and the military are still saying THAT NOTHING CAN STOP THIS NOW, they are STILL SURE THEY WILL BE READY FOR US IN T4B THIS WEEK, and the RV teams behind the scenes are STILL SAYING that this is STILL GOING TO BE A GREAT WEEK FOR US.

He is confirming Dr. Charlie Ward’s military sources and restored Republic transition sources saying that “all necessary codes have been put into the QFS. They just need to pull the trigger, all funds in place.. it just needs to start”; ]

Our guy is confirming MarkZ’s separate sources who are saying THE SAME THING as Dr. Charlie Ward:(edited)

MARKZ said this morning Tue morning 16 Feb–“I’m hearing similar things. Everything is positioned and waiting for that switch to flip. . . . I hear we are all prepared…dollars [funds] are in place and the QFS is just waiting for that switch to flip. They are still asking all of the group leaders and paymasters to stay in place….so to me this is exceptionally positive news. . . .

Paymasters and group leaders…everybody I know that needs to be in a seat-is in their seat for this thing to go.  I have heard of funds “tranching” [being moved into place in large tranches] going on where things are positioned….but, nobody yet has spendable cash. I am still told it’s a shotgun [start] and it will all happen at the same time. That is positive news”

He is confirming MarkZ’s sources in Iraq that there was “news from Iraq about the [RV] lifting or raising the value of the dinar so they can remove the 3 zeros…this was published in 3 different publications in Iraq over the past weekend. . . . the news out of Iraq is phenomenal…the news from our paymasters and group leaders is stellar…I don’t think anything is holding it up now.”

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that Everything is moving and is exciting, he confirmed that liquidity is moving as expected today Tue 16 Feb and that some time by Wed-Thu 17-18 Feb , a lockdown of rates is expected, so All is LOOKING VERY GOOD.

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources that Iraq finished passing their budget with the Dinar RV rate including the economic reform white paper the day before yesterday Sun 14 Feb, but he said that the US military at about 9:15 am IRAQ TIME Sun 14 Feb told Iraq to wait to make public the RV rate of the Dinar for security purposes until after T4B exchanges have been started

He said stay ready, practice your project presentation and keep pressing in in prayer over all these things.