In Fleming 

Fleming Saturday RV Update:

Our military intel contact said his info matches Mr Fleming’s sources and this last source exactly:

I got this from my friends paymaster:*Reno is saying that funds have released and tier 4B is to start early next week. Today Sat 20 Feb they are pushing enormous prosperity packages into the system.”

He added that Fines & Penalties & PP liquidity and bond liquidity of enormous amounts has been pushing through the system, it’s been very busy for past 72 hours and all has been going through successfully; also said that the interim military govt leaders are agreeing with the top 5 Chinese Elders and working with UST to get the QFS activated and get the 72-hour shotgun liquidity start out the door; all are excited behind the scenes because of the progress;

He said prayers over all are appreciated and he recommended raising your expectancy vibration because that actually makes it harder for the Deep State cabal to interfere or delay this anymore, and he said we cooperate with heaven through expectant prayer, as Jesus said “whatever you ask for in prayer, believe you have received it and it will be yours” (Mark 11.24).

He said that the Deep State have used fear and lies against us to keep getting their power to continue more of the same; so he said he is praying for all of us and with us that the power structures of the Deep State are completely collapsed now so no more delays arise in activating the QFS.

He said the enormous amounts of liquidity started moving at about 9:30am PST today Sat 20 Feb and if all goes well T4B should still be reached by about Tue 23 Feb.(edited)

He said he would get out more details when there is time.