In Fleming 

Tuesday RV Update:

Our military intel contact cannot say much because TPTB want radio silence; so he said he cannot comment on USN activation timing or PP start timing except that activation of the QFS, the gold-backed USN activation, and the PP & adjudicated settlement deliveries are all still planned to be started when T4B notifications come out at the same general timing of the 72-hour shotgun start liquidity release process, which he agreed is still imminent at any time now as of Mon 22 Feb;

He is confirming Dr. Charlie Ward reporting from the number 2 person in the QFS transition team that there were minor technical issues several days ago and those are being corrected and finished now.

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that very large currency movements were happening over the past weekend in many areas of the world, money was paid out into accounts for the adjudicated settlements, fines & penalties, and PPs, all in preparation for the imminent shotgun start;

He agrees that if you are not ready to take into your appointment your currencies and exchange documents, your project outline, etc, you need to get ready now and do what you need to do today;

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that the banks and bankers have been told since last Thu 18 Feb to be watching for the start from tomorrow Tue 23 Feb onward this week; He qualified it by saying that the TPTB want silence and when a date like “Tuesday 23 Feb” is put out there, TPTB will deliberately change the date for security so the Deep State cannot interfere;

But nevertheless he confirmed that the banks and redemption centers are on high alert right now and are ready to start our T4B exchanges at any moment going forward.

He is confirming MarkZ’s sources reporting that all the paymasters, attorneys and T3-4A group leaders are STILL being told by the banks (<—UST <— DoD) to stay in place at their banking centers and NOT to leave, because the beginning of the shotgun start is imminent;

His info matches that of MarkZ who said this morning Mon 22 Feb, “I talked to a couple of folks …paymasters and group leaders …and they are being asked to stay in position until the end of the first week of March. . . . some people would like to leave [their banking centers]….yes…and one person that I speak to regularly approached management of a bank (with 2 letters [WF]) and said he was tired of sitting here. He was told point blank to stay in place…that this thing is imminent. So I am not worried.“

He is confirming Tony’s statement today Mon 22 Feb that we should all be excited and ready to go, ready to start at a moment’s notice.

He recommended we keep the prayers going and keep our expectancy high. (edited)