In Fleming 

Wednesday Fleming RV Update

Our military intel contact  said funds were released as Mr Fleming’s sources said this morning Wed 24 Feb at 7:30 am PST and his info also agrees that liquidity was released in Zurich to platforms like Admiral Markets Pty Ltd, an Australian Financial Services company in Sydney (and also to other platforms) yesterday Tue 23 Feb; he confirmed Iraq is set to make public their Dinar RV rate through their budget vote tomorrow Thu 25 Feb;

His info was the same as Juan O Savin’s that the COVID-19 scamdemic lockdown mandates and mask mandates would begin to lift from next Mon 1 March onward,

Dr Charlie Ward was told that the COVID-19 scamdemic would be over after the reset; redemption center bankers and staff have been given a schedule for exchanges from now through Sat 6 March;

So he said, “Do the math,” buckle up, it’s moving toward T4B now, he said keep your expectancy level high, keep prayers going and get ready for your appointment for real now.