In Fleming 

Fleming 2/25/21 Update

Good afternoon, the President of Redemption, after receiving the statement from the Rescue Management Committee that met today in Washington, through Mr. Fleming from the Redemption office in Zurich, delivered the official statement of the beginning of the telephone calls to all customers, starting with the biggest sellers, from February 27, 2021, following the original procedure and not the last procedure communicated:

  1. Calling the customer and communicating the security code.
  2. Sending the contract (s)
  3. Upon receipt of the contract signed by the client with authenticated signature, an advance of 1% will be made.
  4. The payment of the second 9% advance will be made in 3 weeks, paying 3% per week.

This is the last communication. This pertains to the holders of skr’s in Zurich these are what is referred to as whales.