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Wednesday Fleming RV Update:

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that the liquidity shotgun start is still planned to be started at any moment as of today/tonight Tue 2 March;

He confirmed MarkZ’s intel that over the past 48 hours, T3-4A group leaders, paymasters, and attorneys are all still in place in their assigned redemption centers and banking centers, though some left their posts, they are returning now because they are being told the START IS IMMINENT THIS WEEK—

They all have been told the shotgun start could be initiated at any moment this week Wed, Thu, Fri 3-5 March, so they have all been finishing their paperwork making sure all is in order for payouts and account accessing to begin at the same time that we in T4B are starting our exchanges-redemptions;

His info matches Bruce’s info that the redemption centers have been given exchange schedules for T4B starting as early as Thu-Fri 4-5 March through Sun 14 March, so remain ready to start he said;

His info matches Snake’s exchange banker’s info that all is ready and that all are awaiting some sort of announcement overnight tonight Tue 2 March possibly about Iraq finishing their budget and RV rate; he added that the announcement may not be public but may only be made to the banks and financial institutions;

He confirmed that the public T5 is still set to start Mon 15 March, the Ides of March, when the NESARA debt jubilee debt forgiveness packages are implemented beginning to pay off federal debt for mortgage, credit card, and other past federally backed debt classes.

He is confirming that Iraq released a press statement over the past weekend saying that the Iraqi parliament will stay in session DAILY until they have finished their budget and thereby released the Dinar RV rate; he confirmed what other intel providers have said that Iraq has been done for a long time and they have been waiting on the green light from the US military to be able to say they are done with the budget and to be able to publish their Dinar RV rate;

The fact that the Iraqi parliament will STAY IN CONTINUOUS DAILY SESSION until they are allowed to “pass” the budget and publish the Dinar rate publicly ALSO SHOWS he said that the RV release and shotgun start ARE VERY CLOSE THIS WEEK. (edited)

He said that we should continue to keep our expectancy high and ongoing prayers over the release process are appreciated.

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