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Monday Fleming RV Update:

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that the international and domestic RV/GCR release of T3-4A/B bond and currency payout liquidity under the QFS under NESARA / GESARA protocols starts tomorrow Mon 8 March, the bond payouts will provide liquidity to be downstreamed for T3-4A payouts and T4B exchanges-redemptions;

His info is the same as the below statement sent to Mr. Fleming that tomorrow Mon 8 March from the 111 bond types, the higher level German bonds will start paying out from Mon 8 March and the larger ZIM redemptions and Dragon bonds redemptions will start paying out from Wed 10 March onward;

For security he cannot say much about T4B start timing, except that T4B could be started any time this week in a 48-72 hour window from the beginning of the shotgun liquidity release process starting Mon 8 March, also Zurich bankers were told liquidity payouts could start for their bond clients from Tue 9 March through Tue 16 March, and AFTER we in T4B have largely finished exchanging, then T5 public exchanges are still scheduled to start Mon-Tue 15-16 March

When the debt jubilee NESARA / GESARA debt repayment packages begin paying off all past federal debt classes domestically in the USA and internationally in multiple countries; he said that this month of March is the month that will CHANGE THE WORLD; He said to us in T4B, be ready for exchanges-redemptions to start at any time this week;

He asked for continued prayers for the success of the beginning of the international release this week.

Below is the bond payout tentative schedule sent to Mr. Fleming, which matches our guy’s info about the bond side of the beginning of the international shotgun liquidity release starting tomorrow Mon 8

March: [12:11 AM]
Hello, good afternoon Nick.

Sunday 07 MARCH 2021

This refers to the Financial Times news that you sent me yesterday [Sat 6 March].

Good morning friends and partners,

Official statement

Regarding accumulation and direct selling, the president of the platform, with several hundred presentations, indicated the following.

Also, this same information can be found in the Financial Times below.

1.- The purchase process begins. [payouts and access to liquidity for bond seller recipients and their  accounts]

2.- You have to be very patient.  There are more than 14,000,000 headlines.  Therefore, banks cannot accept it when making calls.  Appeal days can be early or late.

3.- It has been reported that tomorrow, Friday [5 March], it will pay the first 10 megabytes, in test operations in: Reno, Miami, Hong Kong and Zurich. [Our guy said that these test payouts through the QFS went well.]

4.- Next Monday [8 March] the return begins with the payment of German bonds.

5.- From Wednesday [10 March] and for 12/15 days the Zim and the Dragon [payments].

6.- First the FED funds and the FOUNDATIONS.  Then the rest.

7.- Payment to individual HOLDERS, who have not been submitted through FOUNDATIONS or FEDs (4a and 4b).  Completion is scheduled for [Wed] March 31.

8.- Once [Tier] 4a and 4b [bonds] have been paid, THE PROCESS ENDS.  Those who did not show up were excluded.

9.- We reiterate that this is an official press release, which you can also find and read at Financial Times.

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