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Fleming Thursday RV/Exchange Appointment Update

Good morning I hope that everyone is doing well.  There is a lot of confusion out there at the moment and it can be hard to understand.  For those of us that have been involved in this for a while it is starting to sound like a replay of what we have been hearing for years.

We are told that everything is ready and waiting to go, all funds are in place and we are just waiting for the 800 numbers and/or safe link web sites.

The safe link web sites were brought into this because of all the fraud that was going on concerning the 800 numbers.  The safe link web sites have been working and the servers for the safe link web sites are located in various parts of the world to prevent the servers from being hacked.

Safe link website servers are located in China and the United States and all of the servers are all supposed to be able get on line any minute. We will be emailed a link that everyone will be able to access worldwide.

The information that you will be asked to provide will come from public information once you have answered the questions then you will be provided with an 800 number that will be specific to you.  You will then be able to call the 800 number provided to you to set your appointment.

One you have made your appointment then the number will be no good it will expire.  The safe link web site will be available from several Intel providers.  It will be the same web link address for everyone that is involved in this process and will take you to a secure site that is encrypted. There has been several test runs on the end result is that the links are all working and ready to go.

We hear a lot of information from Intel providers about rates and the only thing that can be said about that is we will not know what the rates are until we have our appointments and are sitting in the exchange/redemption centers then we will know for sure and not until them.

What you are going to be needing to bring with you

  1.  Two forms of identification
  2. a)  Drivers license
  3. b)  passport
  4. c)  Birth certification
  5.  Proof of where you reside
  6. a)  utility bill
  7. b)  Cable bill
  8.  All of your currency
  9.   a)  Break it down by country
  10.   b)  highest to lowest
  11.   c)  a complete list of your currencies
  12.  If you have a project then a 3 – 5 page outline

 5   At all times be polite, do not get rude or demanding….. be polite

We are also being told that if you have Zims then you may not be eligible for the contract rates.  We do not know that for sure until we are talking with the representative that is representing the Treasury.

We are also being told that it will $1 to $1 on the redemption of the Zim and that is by agreement with the Chinese who are the buyers of the Zims that we hold.

While it is $1 to $1 on the Zim in the rest of the world it will not be that in the United States.  In the United States it will be on a sliding scale depending on the projects that you are presenting to your wealth managers.  If you do not have a project or projects then a list of approved will be supplied for you to pick from

But if you just want to walk in and out you will be offered a package and we have heard it is different amounts.  We have heard that amounts being offered are from $11 million to $33 million on a 100T note.  We have also heard that it could go as high as $150 million.  But again we will not know for certain until we are in the exchange/redemption center.

If you do not like the default package being offered then just tell the person that you want to get a higher rate ….then they will refer you over to someone else and then you will have 15 days.

You will be given a debt/credit card for 2% there will be no up-front cash.

At the next meeting you will present your projects and set up your trusts, bank accounts, and your structured account etc.


The currency is going to be handled much like the procedures of the Zim.

No one at the moment know what the currency rates are because they have not been locked in.

If you do not have Zim then you will be given the opportunity to exchange your currency at a contract rate.  The only two currencies that have a contract rate at the moment is the Dinar and the Dong.

I have said for months that in order to get the contract rate that humanitarian projects may be required and at this moment that looks like the case.

Also that if the total amount of currency reaches a certain that you may be required to have a structured payout.

You will still be given 2% of the total and a $10 million dollar for 15 days in order to get you to the wealth managers to set up your trusts, projects, etc.  for those that do not have a common law trust.

If you have a trust then you can have funds deposited into the trust.

They want you in and out as quickly as possible

There are three documents that you will have to sign.

We do know that you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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