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Friday Night Fleming RV Update

Fleming:  Our military intel contact did say the adjudicated settlements including sovereigns like the Native Americans and Black Farmer Pickford settlements are fully liquid as of today Fri 19 March

He said his info is that higher level T3-4A groups and higher level bond sellers are actually receiving notifications now (they’re going quiet under NDAs too) to access funds in their accounts with only 1% accessible till T4B notifications come to us any time tomorrow Sat 20 March or if it takes the 2,500 Admirals subgroup paymasters longer this weekend to downstream liquidity to their downline accounts,

T4B may be started and the shotgun start may be closer to next Mon-Tue 22-23 March BUT he emphasized THE LINE AHEAD OF US IN T4B IS MOVING RIGHT NOW and WE ARE VERY CLOSE, LIKE NEVER BEFORE—

He said the moment-by-moment suspense of Iraq’s parliament meeting today about to announce its HCL, budget, and IQD RV rate today or tomorrow Sat 20 March IS A SIGN WE ARE FINALLY AT THE END;

He said stop saying that this all sounds like it sounded in the past; he said we have NEVER been this close to the shotgun start;

He confirmed Mr Fleming’s source saying we should celebrate that D1 and D2 actually FULLY DISBURSED funds last Tue-Wed 16-17 March—THIS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE … EVER

He said we should be celebrating that D2 was FULLY disbursed to UST accounts day before yesterday Wed 17 March St Patrick’s Day, because that is the source for our T4B exchanges and for the $1.9 Trillion stimulus bill $1,400 direct deposits and checks that did NOT go live or go out en masse till Wed 17 March the same day D2 completed being disbursed.

He said keep your heads up, keep all in prayer, and expect the interim military govt to increase disclosures by late March.

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