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Fleming Monday RV Update

Our military intel contact said that Ramadan that starts now will not interfere with the RV liquidity release from key bonds starting overnight tonight Sun 11 April at 10:56 pm and 11:33 pm EDT tonight; and yes he said CIA satellite comm’s and mainframes are down and dark so the Deep State can’t interfere;

He confirmed Mr Fleming’s sources that obstruction attempts by Deep State cabal Illuminati “insiders” on RV teams to siphon funds from the key bond liquidity processing-settlement-closing-posting procedures were completely EXPOSED AND STOPPED by yesterday Sat 10 April; it slowed things down a bit as the military cleaned it up and arrested these Illuminati half-wits who will have a nice prison vacation in a military prison in Alaska soon;

Otherwise he said the military and RV teams were pressing ahead in the bond liquidity release procedures in HK, Singapore, & Zurich to release liquidity to all tiers as T4B gets notifications to start exchanges some time between this Mon and Thu 12-14 April;

He asked that prayers keep going up that any more banking cartel Deep State insiders in the RV teams CONTINUE to be exposed IMMEDIATELY ASAP , as they were yesterday Sat 10 April, so as not to cause the military to have to slow the liquidity release procedures down to clean up the obstructionists’ interference this week pushing T4B further out;

He said people pray hard that banking cartel interference is LOCKED OUT because WE ARE  THERE and liquidity releases started tonight Sun 11 April at 10:56 pm and 11:33 pm EDT, and the military and RV teams are PUSHING HARD TO START YOU THIS WEEK—he said help them with your prayers that they are successful and the Deep State CONTINUES TO BE unsuccessful.

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