In Fleming 

Late Monday Night Fleming RV Update/Rumors

Fleming:  Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s source who said “Just heard of ‘3 people exchanging, and left the bank with accessible cash’”— he said yes, there were pilot-test exchanges today Mon 12 April including test T3-4 groups in Stockton CA, Gary IN, & Detroit MI;

The word is, he said, they went smoothly and next steps include reviews & audits & will lead (IF NO MORE CABAL OBSTRUCTIONISTS INTERFERE) to key bonds going live, T3-4A payouts & T4B notifications going out any time from overnight onward;

He said keep prayers going up that no obstructionist Deep State interference slows down the progress.

His info is the military & Trump are not shutting anything in the RV release down for Prince Philip’s funeral.

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