In Fleming 

Wednesday Fleming RV Update

Our military intel contact is confirming all the above except the House of Windsor rumored delay to next Mon 4/19, which he said is disinfo, he said do not empower the Deep State by believing their disinfo, keep prayers going up, as T4B start is upon us now as described above.(edited)

He is confirming Mr Fleming’s source saying that the “72 hour hold” on bond payouts is ended at 4 PM EDT today Wed 4/14. Admiral is ready and waiting, in the bank, to start T4A simultaneously. All 1%, 2% payouts held in pending accounts are releasing simultaneously.

Has to be done today [our guy added “the start protocols have to be done tonight] or NONCOMPLIANCE issue is enacted.

Invitations [our guy added “invitations start going out as early as later today”] for T4B to start.
. ..Various emails to 174 countries, in native languages, sent 2 or 3 days ago, to nation states, instructing them re: launch notification instructions.

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