In Fleming 

Late Wednesday Night Fleming RV Report

Fleming:  Our military intel contact said there were releases given at about 4 pm and 5:26 pm PST tonight Wednesday 14 April to begin the start procedures.

He said keep phones charged and watch inboxes for notifications.

He said NESARA would be implemented beginning first week of May and EBS (Emergency  Broadcast System) would be after Tier 5 (the public exchanges) are started Thursday 6 May after Tier 4-B secure link 800#s and Tier 4-B appointments have been going on from now through the last two weeks of April.

He confirmed Mr Fleming’s source saying that the military wanted at least 2 weeks of 800#s available for us in Tier 4-B before the rates are switched from T4B redemption higher rates to much lower T5 public rates around Mon-Tue 3-4 May.

He confirmed the World Court is overseeing all parties and timing to keep release timing in compliance.

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