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Fleming Thursday RV Report

Our military intel contact said was yes they are still working on bond liquidity release procedures checking & rechecking getting ready for the start of bonds going live, payouts, and 4B notifications going out any time—he said it’s IN PROCESS.

Our military intel contact info is still that there are exchange /redemption centers in Puerto Rico that will be made clear once the 800# notifications come out and call center operators will direct callers to them;

Our guy’s info is that WF and HSBC are working with redemption centers and correspondent banks in Puerto Rico like First Bank, Banco Popular, Oriental Bank (that bought out the previous Scotia Bank presence in Puerto Rico) ;

His info is that rates will be same as on mainland in the redemption centers; that’s all he can say securely to protect the many heavily invested Puerto Rican currency holders and the redemption process there;

He said more details will come from the 800# call center operators when T4B can start calling to make appointments.

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